God's Adventure Camp is a phenomenal camp for youth of all ages! I have had the wonderful opportunity not only to attend as a camper when I was a teenager, but also to return as a counselor. It is a camp that I highly recommend from both perspectives: as a camper, it is a fun, fantastic place to be, and as a counselor it is a wonderful place for your youth to hear the Gospel, and learn to grow in their relationship with God. This camp has made and is still making a spiritual impact on my life!

Marty Montgomery, Pastor of Capital Baptist Church, Springfield Il.

It has been a privilege to minister at God's Adventure Camp. Each day camp, retreat, and week of camp is packed full of exciting events, special activities, and encouraging preaching providing each camper with an unforgettable time of fun, fellowship and spiritual growth. If you are looking for a camp offering a unique setting, program, and range of activities God's Adventure Camp may be the place for you.

Evangelist Shorty Shank of Shank Family Ministries

I love the ministry of Bible camps. They are a tool that can change the lives of our youth. Of all the camps I’ve had the honor of either speaking at or taken campers to, God’s Adventure Camp is probably the most unique. I came to be the evangelist one week, but I may have left more encouraged than anyone. We don’t serve the Lord for recognition or personal glory, but I must say, the heartbeat of this camp is found in the Greene family. God has used and continues to use their selfless, servanthood, life style and this ministry in a mighty way to reach kids that other camps will never reach. And for that I am thankful. My prayer is that the Lord would continue to provide for this mission and bless it with new supporting churches.

Earl Martin of Mr. E TV Ministries

God has used God's Adventure Camp in a mighty way in the lives of young people. Many young people have been saved and many others have dedicated their lives in service to the Lord, which is the main purpose of the camp. Even years later you hear testimonies about how important camp was in the lives of young people. There are group devotions every day and a special speaker for the week. As the name says, there are many adventures along the way including: horseback riding, a waterslide, canoeing and a bonfire -among many other adventures. A lot of fun times are had by all. It has been a privilege and real blessing to be a part of God's Adventure Camp.

Elaine Prusak- Counselor, Cook, Mom of Five

We've worked with God's Adventure Camp during the horse week, for several years. This is a unique camp for any kid, offering a wide variety of wholesome activities. The opportunities for spiritual growth are intertwined in the daily mix of adventure.

Laurie Lee Long- Trick Rider with Areli Equine Entertainment

God's Adventure Camp offers great outdoor activities in beautiful Potter County, PA. The camp is run by a loving family. There has been fantastic spiritual training by godly speakers throughout the years. Our children are always eager to go back.

Mark & Leisa Fair – WCO / Wilderness Camp, Counselors

GAC is an opportunity for our children to experience a shot in the arm for personal spiritual growth through Biblical preaching, and opportunities to exercise a servant's heart.  The period of "detox" helps to prepare their hearts to receive God's Word and teaching.  Much is offered at an affordable price.

Dale and Lisa Post – Pastor of Andrews Settlement Baptist Church

God's Adventure Camp is a hidden gem of God's blessing!  The Lord has provided for many fun and unique activities for the campers to enjoy throughout their week, tools in which to develop friendships, build trust and break down the barriers of the heart.  Whether in the saddle, on a canoe trip, at the rifle range, or just hanging around the mini-golf course, the campers will be exposed to Christ-like thinking and living from the Greenes and the camp staff.  The highlight of GAC is the time around God's Word.  The morning devotions, morning challenge and evening services provide multiple opportunities for campers to hear and respond to the Spirit's working through the Word each day.  Many campers have walked away from a week of camp challenged, charged and changed.  Campers, parents and pastors will never regret investing time at God's Adventure Camp!

Justin Weberg – Pastor of Community Baptist Church in Colebrook, New Hampshire

The Greene's are truly dedicated to running their summer camp. The camp may only run a couple months in the summer, but the Greene's put their whole lives into this camp. They truly deliver an experience unlike any other. They do so many fun activities from go cart riding to paintball. All while helping the campers strengthen their relationship with God. God's Adventure Camp is truly a life changing experience.

Jay Cavanaugh - President Signet Construction and dad

Some of the most important spiritual decisions I made as a teenager can be traced back to good Bible-preaching camps. To have an effective camp, you need to create a unique atmosphere with the right mixture of strong preaching, lots of fun, and an absence of worldliness. God’s Adventure Camp has done that, and I was very impressed with the atmosphere the LORD has created at GAC. The camp is conducive to campers enjoying themselves while being impacted by God’s Word away from sinful and earthly distractions. God’s Adventure Camp also adds a very nice touch of “rustic” with their horses and the gorgeous mountain setting. I highly recommend that you bring the young people from your church to God’s Adventure Camp and see what God will do in their lives.

Evangelist Matt Galvan - Dothan Alabama

I became associated with God's Adventure camp when my daughter was 15 years old. She is now 32. I have known the camp director, Bruce Greene, and his wife Sheri since we attended a Christian college together before we began having our families. After bringing my daughter to the camp, I chose to return for the next 17 years as a counselor. I enjoyed serving God, bringing the word of God in its truth and salvation in an environment of refreshing outdoors activities and fun and loving as many girls and boys to the Lord as we could. The dedication and hard work of the couple who had this vision was an inspiration to give of myself as often as I could in the name of our strong and loving Lord Jesus. I have driven or flown over 800 miles for many summers, sometimes bringing other young people from Tennessee to be a part of this ministry. This Camp has been full of discipleship teaching, beautiful horses, awesome canoe trips, picturesque scenes, creative crafts, great food, and life long relationships with some of the campers. It has been a blessing to watch the camp expand from 2 weeks of boys and girls camp to a summer full of opportunities for young people. Although it is a camp, it still has the feeling of spending time in the summer on a family farm. That has been due to the open arms of the camp director and his wife.

Carolyn Labor - Teacher, counselor, cook, help and parent

My sister and brother-in-law started God's Adventure Camp in 1996. My son and daughter started going there the next year. They had a wonderful time and enjoyed the time spent with family and made many life long friends. I got the opportunity to go to the camp for the first time in 2014 when my grandson was old enough to go to camp. I had a great time seeing the camp in action after hearing about it and following it on Facebook. The children have an action packed week of fun activities and daily worship services with amazing speakers. I went again in 2015 and plan to go again this summer. I had fun watching the children enjoying themselves and was so thrilled to see how many children gave their life to Christ. I am pleased to know that there is a camp like that where children can go and have a great time but also learn about Jesus.

Beth Tyler - International banker, mom and grandmother

I remember as a child how much fun and excitement it was to visit the family farm. That same experience and so much more can be found at God’s Adventure Camp in Roulette, PA. The camp has and continues to be operated on the active farm of Bruce and Sheri Greene. It has, since its start, been a place where young people can come to have fun, but even more importantly, to have their hearts and lives molded by the eternal Word of God. It has been my privilege, for a few years now, to have a part in teaching God’s Word at the annual Men’s Retreat, and the annual Teen Leadership Conference – both being times of spiritual refreshment for all who attend. The staff of God’s Adventure Camp love the Lord Jesus, and that love is felt and seen by all who have attended.

Pastor Michael Reeves – North Eulalia Baptist Church – Coudersport, PA

"I am so very pleased to recommend God's Adventure Camp for all your family Biblical camping needs. Our boy Zach, has been profoundly touched by the Lord each year, and activity he has attended for the past eight years. My wife and I find Brother and Sister Greene to be some of the finest Christians we have ever met. GAC is small compared to many of the Christian camping/retreat options in the region, but Spurgeon said "Some of the finest wheat grows in small fields". We thank God for what He is doing in and through GAC."

Jeffrey L. Bayliff, Lock Haven, PA

God's Adventure Camp provides a unique opportunity for young people and old to take time out to explore what really matters--one's personal relationship with God. Whether it's a week away from "life as usual" at Boys' or Girls' Week, or one of several specialty camps like Volleyball Camp, Horse Camp or a Men's Retreat, GAC encourages the individual to begin and/or to cultivate a personal relationship with God through Christ. The unique genius of GAC is that it succeeds in coupling exciting adventure with a profound appeal for serious devotion to God. And GAC does this again and again, with each succeeding event. It truly is a unique and remarkable opportunity.

Pastor Marty Montgomery First Baptist Church, Roulette, PA